CENG 391 Homework 3 Solved

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Exercise 1 Gaussian Image Pyramid

Write a new class ImagePyr in a file named as image that represents
a Gaussian Pyramid with the following properties:
a. It should have the following private fields:
• an integer m n levels storing number of pyramid levels (octaves).
• an Image pointer m levels storing pyramid levels in an array of

b. The constructor must take the desired number of levels, a pointer to
the base image to create the pyramid levels for and the initial sigma,
sigma0, for the base image.
c. The destructor must deallocate all memory allocated by the constructor.
d. A getter for the number of levels.
e. A getter for the i
th level image.
f. Level 0 is a copy of the base image given in the constructor (do not
just copy the pointer, create a new image that is a copy of the base

g. Level i is created by first Gaussian smoothing the image at level i − 1
so that its scale (sigma value) is doubled. And then it is downsampled
by two in x and y dimensions so that its width and height are the half
of the width and height of the image at level i − 1 (Downsample by
throwing out every other row and column of the smoothed image).

Exercise 2 Gaussian Image Pyramid Tester

Write the code for a new executable image-pyr-test in a file named as
image pyr that reads an image from a file given as the first command line argument and creates an image pyramid with number of levels
equal to the number given as the second command line argument. It should
than save each pyramid level in files named as “/tmp/pyr level i.png”

where i is the level number. The test program should display a usage message if there is a missing argument or it is given an argument with an invalid
value. Modify CMakeLists.txt so that this test executable is compiled along
with the existing executables in the project.