Assignment 1 C++ Fundamentals……solved




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• Read in command-line-args
• Read a file
• Loop through an array
• Split a string
• Create an array of struct
• Pass by reference
• Create a class with constructors/getters/setters
• Create header files with header guards
Problem Set
1. Read in a data file (the filename comes in via command-line arguments) with
numbers on each line in the file and store these values into a sorted array.
Create the array of size 100 and use an array sentinel to keep track of the
actual number of entries (will not exceed 100). As you read each value in,
place it into the correct position in the sorted array. Then prompt the user for
a number, and report back to the user if it is in the list and if so, what position
in the list.
1. Use getline to read in each line from the file.
2. Print out the name of the file you read in from command-line args.
3. Create a function named insertIntoSortedArray that takes the array, number of
entries currently in the array, and new value to be inserted as parameters. Inside
the function insert the new value into the correct position in the sorted array.
Return the new number of entries in the list. Use the following signature:
int insertIntoSortedArray(int myArray[ ], int numEntries, int newValue)
4. Print out the entire array each time after calling insertIntoSortedArray, displaying the values as
a comma separated list.
5. Print out the total number of entries in the array after reading in the file
For example, Given a data file named dat.txt with the following values:
The output would be:
2. Read in a .csv data file (filename comes in from command-line arguments)
where each line is structured as such: “username,gpa,age”. Create a list as a
vector that holds list structs. As you read in each line from the file, parse each
value using stringstream and convert to the appropriate data type. Then call
the addUser function to create the struct and store the values username,
gpa, and age (string, float, int) into the struct. Add the struct to the vector.
Back in the main function, call the printList function to loop through and
print out the list formatted as: “username [gpa] age: #” e.g., “elle [3.87] age:
12” .
a. Use the following struct declaration:
struct list
string username;
float gpa;
int age;
b. Use the following function signatures:
void addUser(vector *gradeList, string name, float _gpa, int
void printList(const vector gradeList)
c. Use getline, stringstream, stoi, stof.
d. Be sure to close your file when you are done.
3. Create a class named Movie that maintains information about the title
(string), year (int), and rating (double). Create all accessors and mutators,
and overload the constructor with a default constructor and one that takes all
3 values (title, year, rating). Make the default constructor initialize with the
following default values: “unknown”, 2016, 0.0. Write a driver program that
creates three movies and tests all methods.
Submitting Your Code:
Log into Moodle and go to the Homework 1 link. It is set up in the quiz format.
Follow the instructions on each question to submit all or parts of each
assignment question. Note: there is no late period on assignments! If you miss the
deadline or do not do well, you can sign up for an optional grading interview to get
up to half the points missed back. There is also an optional extra credit assignment
at the end of the semester you can use to replace one of your homework scores.