An Engineering Organisation of your choice has employed you as a ‘Consultant’…….solved




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Use only the most important up-to-date and relevant information and submit the assignment in report format. The report should largely adhere to the ’Report format’ guidelines overleaf, and should be approximately 2,500 – 3,000 words (excluding appendices).
It is essential to demonstrate your research activities. Each report section must refer to sources that have contributed to your understanding of the topic (including relevant online sources, articles, books and journals). Give credit to respected authors on whose work your discussion is based (reference your sources); this avoids plagiarism, and demonstrates your background research and understanding.
Report structure:
• Title Page:Your Name, Course Title and Module Name.
• Table of Contents:including page numbers and section headings.
Executive summary:
• A short summary of the entire report (few paragraphs to introduce and highlight key findings).
An Engineering Organisation of your choice has employed you as a ‘Consultant’ and requires your help to complete the following tasks:
• Analyse the Organisation’s Business Strategy;
• Develop a new innovative product idea;
• Evaluate and recommend an appropriate Project Management & Planning method to develop the new product.
• Draft/example plan to be provided in the appendix.
• Evaluate and recommend relevant Accounting methods for the project.
• Draft/example statements to be provided in the appendix.
• Recommend Managerial & Motivation practices to ensure a respectful collaborative and positive Team-working environment.
• Identify and document relevant legal and ethical considerations.
• Conclusions & Recommendations:
• Identify summarize and document the key findings from your report.
• Recommend areas of interest for further study and consideration.
• References:append to your submission a ‘References list’and if appropriate a‘Bibliography’. Please refer to the ‘Report format guidelines’ below for more information.
• Appendices: relevant supplementary information (e.g. Organisational chart, Supporting case-study information, Project plan, Financial statements, extended theoretical evaluation).
Report format (helpful advice):
A report must convey an impression of professionalism in terms of presentation, layout and grammar. The following points outline some basic report writing considerations:
§ Title page:Including author name and affiliation (relationship with project).
§ Sections: Ensure a TOC ‘Table of contents’ page is provided at the beginning of the report listing all report sections.
§ Numbering: Each report section including main headings and sub-headings should be numbered throughout.
All pages should be numbered, Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) on all pages consecutively throughout the text, appendices, and bibliography. All preliminary pages, pages that precede the report such as the TOC should be counted and numbered using lower case roman numerals (i ii iii iv etc.). All page numerals should be centered on each page.
§ Consistency: A document is consistent if, for example, it always uses the same type style including face and size for document objects such as headings, sub-headings, references and content text and all lines should have the same spacing etc.
§ Grammar: Technical documents use `passive voice’ expressions, for example your report should avoid using the word `I’ as much as possible.Correct spelling &grammar. Word processed, strict word limit.